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Explaining F.O.E.

Like most artists, Marcus's musical journey started alone with just him and his guitar. He would spend hours locked in his room watching Youtube videos of other artists, trying to mimic what they were playing. Over time, he started writing his own songs, performing at coffee shops near his house, and eventually formed a band with some friends. Over the course of 2 years, his band built a small local buzz, recorded an album, and started talking about their first tour. Almost all of the band members were new fathers or husbands, but Marcus seemed to be the only one concerned about leaving family behind to “go be a rock star”. His band wanted to keep the band life separate from their family lives, which created a lot of unsettling friction in their relationships with their wives, and each other. It was then when Marcus realized how toxic the entire situation was becoming, which is when he decided to quit the band. "Nothing in the world was going to keep me away from my girls." Marcus states. ''They are my top priority, which is why I eventually decided to quit music all together."


A few years down the road, Marcus and Jacey's daughter, Taylee, starting showing interest in music. "She'd pull my guitar out, asking me to play a song." says Marcus. "It lit up her world, which is what led up to us singing Disney Duets together for fun." Marcus says. "Seeing her love for music, definitely reminded me of mine for it." 


Marcus's wife, Jacey, ended up recording them signing 'True Colors' together before bed one night. She later posted it online for their family and friends to see. "That was it!" Marcus states. "That was the day that everything unexpectedly changed for our family." The Tinsleys unexpectedly starting getting calls from national TV shows and local news stations. "Out of nowhere, I was getting emails from The Ellen Show, American Idol, Little Big Shots, etc- inviting us onto the show." Marcus states. "Never would we have thought that posting a duet video would go viral and basically change our lives." Marcus says. This led to them posting numerous duets of Disney songs together, which in the end, rekindled Marcus's love for music.


"My little girl grew a love for what I've always been passionate about. There's really no better feeling." Marcus says. "We're all excited about starting music again, but there was still an unsettling feeling in our stomachs about getting back into the music business again, due to the negative experience in the past." says Marcus.

"The truth is, is that a lot of the music business can be full of ego. There is a common mindset that puts being rich and famous above everything else, because that’s what happens when you “make it big”. That mindset can be what tears families and relationships apart. Being able to see this from the outside, we were able to make a decision that we will pursue music, but as a family." Marcus says. "While we continue to chase our musical dreams & push my singing career, we will continue to do it as one… putting each other before anything else. This is what led up to our ‘brand’ that we call F.O.E. (family over everything). Since starting F.O.E, it's changed everything for the better. You will never see Jacey or Taylee not at a show with me" Marcus says. "We go together, we set-up together, we load up together." He states. " I'll often see Taylee sitting right in the front row, waving at me with a smile, until she eventually falls asleep to one of my slow songs. Jacey is constantly by my side, controlling volume, lighting, levels, etc." says Marcus. "This music dream has now turned into a family dream.. which is the only way I'd ever want it.''

Since starting F.O.E. and pushing music as a family, the Tinsleys have appeared on American Idol, have had several of Marcus's songs premier on SIRIUS XM, and recently had his newest single 'Butterflies' singed to Warner Music and released globally. The Tinsleys recently announced that they have successfully transitioned into doing music full-time together, and don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

"This is it! This is the road were taking, as a family." Marcus states "As we continue on our journey, we hope that F.O.E. can serve as a reminder. A reminder to invest our time and ourselves, into the ones we love. A reminder that family is not an important thing, it’s everything."  

-Marcus's Journey-

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