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After 6 full months of pre-auditions, auditions, callbacks, interviews, and quick trips to LA- here is my husband, Marcus Tinsley's, American Idol experienice! 

So much led up to such a crazy time...but let's fast forward 6 months, and talk about when Marcus got officially invited to come to the CELEBRITY JUDGE Audition, all the way out in LA! After about 7 hours of waiting, Marcus was called back by Ryan Secrest, saying it was his time to sing for Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan and Katy Perry.


Katy Perry said he had a couple pitchy spots. (stupid nerves!!) She then went on to saying (what was shown on t.v.) that he doesn't even need a pig (yes, that's right... we brought our pet pig!), & that he's a GREAT singer. When it came time for her to vote, her response was "Yes.. just YES!!"

Luke Bryan went on about how his voice is instantly recognizable, & that he can definitely sing. Giving him another YES!

Lionel Richie told him that "there are singers, & there are artists.. & you, my friend, are an artist." He then went on saying that he plans on seeing a lot more of Marcus in the future.. ending it with his 3rd YES!


Hollywood Week


For the 1st round of Hollywood Week, they split everyone up by their genres, and had them sing a song of their choice. Marcus planned on doing Tennessee Whiskey, with a pianist accompanying him. After hours (& hours & hours!) of waiting for him to hit the stage- they finally called him up. The second he walked out on stage, Taylee squealed from excitement- & I unexpectedly just starting CRYING (so proud, ugh!) The second he starting singing, the crowd around us starting "oohh-ing" & "aww-ing". I glanced down at Luke Bryan, and he had a smile on his face, & started nodding his head in approval. He sounded incredible! After his performance was over, we ran downstairs to meet him. Taylee and I were so excited to go hug him and celebrate how well he did. When we got down to him, he was getting interviewed & was extremely disappointed in himself. He said that his nerves got the best of him, and felt like he completely ruined his chances with American Idol. I know I'm biased, but I completely disagreed with him.

Well.. the time finally came for the elimination round. They stood them in a line of 10 and told them to step forward if their name gets called. Once they have two separate lines, the judges will reveal which line will be going home, and which one made it through. In our experience with the show, typically the line with the least amount of contestants get sent home.. So naturally, I was hoping to see him end up in the line with the most. Well, after SO much waiting, the time finally came for Katy Perry to start calling names forward. She called the first name.. & then the second.. the third.. fourth.. fifth, AND sixth name to take a step forward. As amazing as I knew he did, I started doubting myself. I caught eyes with Marcus from the crowd, when realizing that he realized, he was probably going home.























Katy Perry then calls the SEVENTH person to the front line, leaving only Marcus and two others in the back row. With all all the amazing singers in the front row, I doubted everything at this point, but was so happy we were able to get this far together. After a long (LONG) pause, she then told Marcus's small line, that unfortunately, she is very sorry..

Very sorry because "you few are going to have to come back tomorrow, and do this all over again."

& just like that..

he was onto the next round!!


Holloywood Week Round 2


American Idol threw a curveball at all this contestants for this round, and did something they have NEVER done before during Holloywood Week...


The contestants found out about this at about 11:00PM, and had until 5:00am to agree on a song choice from a list that American Idol gave them-learn it, choreograph their performance, and head back to the Orpheum Theatre by sunrise! 

Performance Time!

Well, after an absolutely AMAZING performance- I can say he officially MADE IT THROUGH another round!! Not only did he make it through, he got a STANDING OVATION from LIONEL RICHIE. Lionel stood up, clapped with his hands in the air, & followed it with "MARCUS I don't know about my fellow judges, but I did NOT know your voice could sound like that (as Luke and Katie were nodding their heads in approval)! Amazing job, he said!

One of the craziest rounds for us. After this point, not only were family members of other contestants coming up to me, saying how amazing Marcus's voice is... But the producers of the show we're stopping Taylee & I, saying that it's unreal how much his voice is improving already- and how far he's going to go as an artist!


Hollywood Week


For this round, there's a very short list of a few songs they must pick from to perform. Marcus didn't know ANY of them (yikes!!), so he just went with one that he thinks his voice would work best with. He started rehearsing the song at about 1 a.m. (they announced what this round will be at about 11:30pm, the night before). He worked on it as much as he could in that few hours, and then they had to head back down to the Orpheum at around 6am for call-time. (No sleep for him!) They don't call it 'Bootcamp for the music industry' for nothing!


See what happens below-

Well, needless to say, this was the end of his American Idol journey. Since he was unable to perform, we don't blame the judges at all for not putting him through. The main thing they were judging on in this round (in Lionel Richie's words) was who wouldn't break under pressure, and still be able to pull off a performance. For Marcus, mixing a new song that he has never heard of before, with stage fright he has already been battling.. definitely didn't give the best outcome. From the way that he was improving throughout the entire week, you could tell how shocked everybody was when this happened.

When the time came to pack up and leave the Orpheum, all the contestants who were cut had to leave. The family/friends of the contestants who made it, we're all lined up in out front, waiting to go in to see their contestant. Taylee & I were outside waiting for him to come out at this time. When he finally did, and our time came to walk to our Uber.. we had to walk by that line of everyone (as did everyone else). As we started walking away, they all stopped talking and it got very quiet. We walked a few steps farther, & then we start hearing a couple claps.. & then a few more... & few more. We glanced back & everyone was looking at Marcus, while clapping their hands & nodding their heads in disbelief.

WHAT A WAY to end this.


THANK YOU, American Idol... for such an amazing experience, that has opened up so many doors! Since then, I'm proud to say that Marcus has had his new single premier on SIRIUS XM, signed to Warner Music- & now does music full-time!!!

Screenshot 2020-04-07 at 10.57.21 PM.png

Oh, & did I mention that American Idol gave Penelope her OWN commercial?! 

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