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What to expect
after booking-


Former American Idol contestant, Marcus Tinsley, will show up to private events approx. 30 minutes early for set-up and sound check. He requires very minimal space, and provides all his own equipment.

Marcus will come prepared with a custom set-list, for your specific event. He performs a wide variety of music, from classics all the way to modern day hits, to his very own SIRIUS XM original songs. 


Marcus typically mixes his sets up- with the majority of his songs acoustic, some with a looping petal, and some with instrumentals. He's found that the audience seems to really enjoy the variety, however, his sets can be tailored to your liking.

Jacey, Marcus's partner/event coordinator, attends all private events to assist in set-up, sound check, levels and lighting. She will also be available throughout Marcus's set to take song suggestions or any special request that guests may have.

Marcus has a love for music that shows, and is always looking forward to his next event. He knows how to read and entertain any crowd, making sure everyone has a great time!

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