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Looking to add a little something extra to your event?

Marcus + Family are proud owners of the two internet sensation piggies- Penelope Rose & Daisy Dukes! These two diva pigs have had deals with Netflix, ABC & American Idol- leading them to reach well over half a million followers- & the reason behind so many smiles, from all around the world!


Penelope & Daisy are well-trained, extremely social & love meeting new friends! Outside of making new friends- their hobbies include napping, getting belly scratches, sunbathing, & of course... EATING!

Penelope & Daisy have done many events before, including birthday parties, school assemblies, fundraisers, private parties and surprise meet & greets.

Please send a message below if you're interested in having Penelope & Daisy at your event!


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Etsy Item Listing Photo (2).png
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